Thursday, June 18, 2009

How To add a post divider

Oh how I love the shabby blogs website! They have awesome tutorials they've added to their blog as well and this one is sure to help make your blog more personal and super cute! Make your post dividers ultra chic and get rid of the blah. I did it, and you can do it too. Be sure to admire my new post divider at the bottom of this post. Go to their webpage and follow their how to, they have plenty of cute post dividers to choose from. Here's your link to get you on your way:


Christine said...

ultra cute!!!!!

AmberRose said...

Hey Amy, I found your site through Nickell. I think you have a really cute blog and I've been trying to update my blog by your tips, but it's not working. haha. I'm retarded...So frustrating. I wanted to add a post divider, my own sig and change my font... any help? On another note, I am so happy to see you and Kurt married with beautiful babies! We are having our first this Dec! :) Anyways, would love some help... Thanks!