Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Change the color of the navigation bar at the top of your blog

It is really easy to change the color of the bright blue navigation bar that is at the top of your blog! Just go to your layout page, click edit on the blue rectangular box at the top that says "navbar". Choose on of their color options, they only have blue, silver, black, and tan but one of the others might go better with your layout then the typical blue. Check out my silver one at the top of the blog!


3 column layout

Ever stumbled upon another bloggers page and wondered how they got a 3 column layout? Well here's how to do it, be warned once you've changed your coding to a 3 column it's pretty difficult to get it back so make sure you REALLY want a 3 column layout. Also once you've changed your layout to a 3 column you'll need to use the 3 column designated backgrounds only. Shabbyblogs has a bunch, so does aquapoppy designs, and cutest blog on the block. If your not sure what a 3 column looks like my personal blog is a 3 column so click on my personal blog link on the sidebar to check it out and see if it's for you.
For the brave, go to this link to get the step by step instructions:


Friday, June 26, 2009

Change the "posted by" line of your posts

I don't know about you but I LOVE making my blog more personal, so with that in mind, how can it be when everyones blog says the dull "posted by" and their name?? Well here's how to change it and insert your own witty saying or catch phrase. When you are on your 'Layout' page it will say in bold on the top 'Page Elements'. You will see a big box that says 'Blog Posts'. Click the 'edit' button on the lower right hand corner of the box. There will be a box that says ‚'posted by'. Now, all you do is type in whatever you want! It's that simple! It's all about making it fun and oh so chic!

Do you have a great tip you'd like to share with us? Email me at thinkpinkcottage@yahoo.com!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My fave one so far

These past couple of days I have had the opportunity to redesign 4 blogs, and this one is my favorite so far! I sort of wish I did my personal blog like hers, lol! Feel free to take a look at my work at:


It was a whole new redesign job: header, background, font, & siggy. Fun fun!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Featured Blog of the Week

Big thanks to Amber for letting me help her with her blog! Did I mention yet how much I enjoy redoing blogs? :)
Like most new bloggers it's hard to figure out how to configure all the codes to get all the cool stuff you want, so Amber wrote to me and I did my part. We designed her personal sig, added some fun text, added a new post divider, and added a friend link list for all the blogs she loves. If your interested in the work I do feel free to check her out at


Thanks again Amber for allowing me to feature your blog! You and your hubby are going to have one SUPER cute baby!! Love ya!


FAQ's of blog troubleshooting

Here are a few issues that I have learned through revamping my blog that I thought I should share. Hopefully you have "attempted" at the very least to update and personalize your blog a little. And with so many cute things how could you not? Maybe you've come across some of these problems and don't know why their happening.

#1- Personal signature is constantly in your way! Can't figure out why that dang signature is floating around in the middle of your post? Make sure to hit enter a bunch BEFORE posting that way your siggy stays at the bottom of the post where it belongs!:)

#2- Can't get your new post font to work in your posting text?? Have you copied and pasted the codes properly? If so make sure that you remember to put the code

< h 3 >

before your text and after paste the code

< / h 3 >.

Also if you are including pictures in your posts, make sure to close the text code before the picture and begin the text code after the picture, otherwise your picture will not show up.

Having other blog issues, no need to fret I am here to help! Just send me your blog issue here on a comment or email me at thinkpinkcottage@yahoo.com.
Happy Blogging!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

How To add a post divider

Oh how I love the shabby blogs website! They have awesome tutorials they've added to their blog as well and this one is sure to help make your blog more personal and super cute! Make your post dividers ultra chic and get rid of the blah. I did it, and you can do it too. Be sure to admire my new post divider at the bottom of this post. Go to their webpage and follow their how to, they have plenty of cute post dividers to choose from. Here's your link to get you on your way:


Monday, June 15, 2009


Wondering how to make awesome headers, sweet picture layouts, or a super chic signature? Try this site:


I recently heard about this site from a friend and now I'm hooked! I made the header on this blog from this site. It's totally free as long as you stick to the stuff that costs no credits. I found it easiest to start with a theme rather than a blank page. Create your username and then hit the create a scrapblog button. To make my headers I would start with a theme and then create the page the way I wanted it. Then I would delete the extra pages, then hit publish and share to photobucket. Once you've got your page on photobucket downsize it to large and copy the direct link code, then paste that in the web pic code for your header. They also have tons of options such as creating a book, making your own personal calendar, and cards. It's so much fun and extremely addicting once you get the hang of it! Here are a couple of pic layouts I made for my personal blog posts:


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Absent minded and just absent all together

Hello Chic Readers! I know it's been a while since I posted any helpful hints, or winners. I have been on vacation in Florida, it was a surprise vacation so no for warning for me to give to my readers. Before that I was a bit absent minded on my posts, but I promise that I will get back to the grind and get you all some new tips and tricks! It's good to be back.