Wednesday, July 22, 2009

LDS linky buttons

Looking for some cute LDS link buttons for your blog? Try these sites:
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Blog Etiquette

This is a must read in my opinion. I absolutely LOVE tipjunkie! If you haven't checked out her site, please do she always gives amazing advice and has fun crafty ideas!

I stumbled upon this post of hers this morning and wanted to share. We all are learning as we go about the blogging world and I think these tips on blog etiquette are a definite need to know!

Here are just a FEW of her tips that I totally agree with:
#1. Give credit where credit is due. If you saw a post, meme, idea, etc. that you love and want to recreate on your blog – go ahead. Just be sure to give link love to the person you blogjacked it from.

#2. Do not attack people with negative anonymous comments. If you’re going to disagree with someone own up to it by linking your name otherwise don’t comment at all. Leaving negative comments anonymously is a cowardly thing to do.

#3. Each blog you visit is the Internet “home” of someone. You wouldn’t dare walk into a home and run your mouth at the host. It’s inappropriate to do on blogs as well. It’s just ugly and you end up looking stupid. Don’t do it. It’s immature.

#4. …When I’m considering posting I ask “Is what I’m about to say going to add value to the conversation?” My “opinion” sometimes means NOTHING to the core of the author’s post. Therefore I keep my golden brain to myself no matter how great I think I may be at the time.

To read the entire post on Blog Etiquette just go to the link below: