Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FAQ's of blog troubleshooting

Here are a few issues that I have learned through revamping my blog that I thought I should share. Hopefully you have "attempted" at the very least to update and personalize your blog a little. And with so many cute things how could you not? Maybe you've come across some of these problems and don't know why their happening.

#1- Personal signature is constantly in your way! Can't figure out why that dang signature is floating around in the middle of your post? Make sure to hit enter a bunch BEFORE posting that way your siggy stays at the bottom of the post where it belongs!:)

#2- Can't get your new post font to work in your posting text?? Have you copied and pasted the codes properly? If so make sure that you remember to put the code

< h 3 >

before your text and after paste the code

< / h 3 >.

Also if you are including pictures in your posts, make sure to close the text code before the picture and begin the text code after the picture, otherwise your picture will not show up.

Having other blog issues, no need to fret I am here to help! Just send me your blog issue here on a comment or email me at thinkpinkcottage@yahoo.com.
Happy Blogging!


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