Thursday, May 7, 2009

Want a Cute font on your blog?

I get the cutest handwriting fonts at Fonts for Peas!

If you have an obsession with making your blog ultra cute then try this out. This site is amazing, and has TONS of blog tutorials. The one I love the most is the custom font tutorial. I had searched everywhere trying to find the answer and these folks have it! Click on the link below and follow the instructions to get a custom font on your blog. It's a little involved but definitely worth it. This is how I got my fonts! If you do decide to try this out, leave me a comment below with a link to your blog so I can see how chic it looks. Good Luck! :)


meleandmakani said...

You know I'm all over this! Thanks so much!

Natalie said...

OMGOSH i am so so so so excited to go figure out how use this thank you so much. your blog is uber cute.


Assmus Family said...

Thanks you thank you thank you Ive been searching forever for something like this Lets hope I do it right!!