Thursday, May 7, 2009

Make your blog timeless

This is probably the COOLEST thing I have ever done or heard of! I love to scrapbook but since having kids, it's hard to find the time. I like to think of my personal blog as a scrapbook or a journal. So with that in mind why not make it into one? Someone is ahead of the game on this one, if you haven't heard let me share makes your blog into a timeless book. You can have your blog with you for generations to come! It's simple, just go to sign up and download their's FREE! Now just copy/paste or "slurp" your blog to your own personal book. Once finished you can order it up and have it to share with family and friends. I did it and I LOVE it!!



oh my! I had no idea you did your blog book!!! We LOVE ours! What size did you do? It looks GREAT!

Shillig8 said...

I think your site is an awesome idea, and that u r a genius!!!

hey may I be your first customer in asking how to change not my background, but the thing my posts are actually located on?