Friday, April 16, 2010

NEW sites to browse

MIA hardly begins to cover it....sooooo sorry!! Busy with school, moving, and all that life has thrown. To know more about the ins and outs of my life and fun reads check out my personal blog. On another note though I have some fun sites for you to browse. Vintage and shabby chic are like two peas in a pod so I bring you:

The Graphics Fairy

The Graphics Fairy featuring TONS of vintage clipart for your blog use. LOVE their stuff!


Are you in love with Vintage as much as I am? If so, check this blog out! She has all things vintage. She gives you the skinny on where you can buy some gorgeous vintage accessories, clothing, etc. Also has fun vintage pictures and recipes. My heart goes pitter patter when I view her site.

So get going ladies and take it back to the good ol days!!


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LovingNails said...

You have cool blog site. Mine just dont turn out well with the sidebar. Can you give me some tips?